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Sound insulation Exxon Mat

Exxon Panah Impact Sound Insulation
Mat 80 for flooring, which take full advantage of rubber properties and our know-how, are suitable to solve any impact insulation requirement with floating screed type flooring.
Product Description
The unique distribution of rubber granules on the floor ensures excellent elasticity of the products making the Exxon Mat perfectly suitable for impact noise reduction.
Exxon Mat is designed for insulation in the following



The dictionary defines noise as: “any noise or acoustic phenomenon which is unpleasant, fastidious, invasive and harmful to the human ear, and which is produced by an irregular formation of vibrations with no regular frequency”.

Unfortunately, the experience of acoustic pollution is not limited to the outside, but may also occur in buildings for housing or industry, where noise from equipment or normal activities carried out by people is transmitted from one housing unit to another, thereby reducing the comfort in living and working environments.

The problem of acoustic pollution is tackled by installing systems and materials which are employed to reduce the transmission of noise.

Noise is measured in decibels (dB), which is a way of quantifying to what extent the sensation of noise really disturbs people:

the higher the level of noise measured in dB, the higher the level of disturbance it provokes.

Soundproofing system to combat noise caused by footsteps

Over the years, the interest in the concept of living comfort has become more and more widespread. Clients and final users expect concrete performance levels and characteristics from buildings, and expect designers to guarantee solidity, a long service life, environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and living comfort, which is most clearly achieved, with efficient soundproofing.

Whether considering a residential building or a hotel under renovation, or a newly designed condominium or office block, designers, building companies and suppliers of building materials have to respect strict design criteria, which determine the minimum level of soundproofing in buildings.

Exxon Mat answer to the increasing demand for efficient, guaranteed soundproofing systems to combat the noise of footsteps.

In order to meet the requirements of current legislation, the best solution is to lay an insulating material below the screed, which completely “isolates” it from the side structures and the substrate. This solution forms a “floating” screed which reduces vibrations generated by footsteps and increases its soundproofing properties against airborne noise from the load-bearing floor.
The insulating material also helps to improve thermal insulation of the floor.
It is good practice to separate the wall at least from the floor slab with a strip of insulation material. Obviously, this solution should be carefully assessed if building in a seismic zone. The use of plastic or too easily compressible materials could lead to cracks between wall and ceiling.

Exxon Mat Sound Insulation

Advantages of the Mat 80 system

Allows for a quick and extremely simple installation of a continuous insulating layer without acoustic bridges. Its special conformation allows for easy checking of the position of the panels and sheets so that a continuous isolating layer may be formed.
The two types of membrane available allow 5 different system configurations to be formed, according to the thermal-acoustic performance required from the system.
During the phase before laying the screed, the product’s high resistance protects the continuous layer and, therefore, its insulating capacity, from being damaged by foot traffic and/or accidental impact due to dropped tools.

The membranes of Mat 80 system are waterproof and, therefore, also form a waterproof safety layer for the screed against flooding or leaks.
Mat 80 is a complete system with all the necessary accessories to form an efficient thermal insulation/soundproofing system.
The Mat 80 system is certified according to current international standards ( ).


• High insulation at minimum thicknesses

• Stability of acoustic and mechanical performance levels

• Durability of the material

• Easy laying

Acoustic Insulation

Is the ability of a material to reduce noise transmission from one environment to another. The weighted sound reduction index Rw is the coefficient used to compare the sound insulation of different materials that indicates the ability of a material to reduce sound transmission. (Rw for Airborne and Lw for Impact sound)

Acoustic absorption is the ability of some materials to absorb sound waves and dissipate noise energy. The sound absorption coefficient αw standard in Europe and the NRC noise reduction in America are the numerical values used for comparing the performance of sound absorption of different materials.

Exxon Mat is designed for insulation in the Floor with floating screed

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