Open_cell Polyurthane

Open-cell spray foam is a thermal insulation material that expands 120 times its initial volume, fills cavities of any shape, and adheres tenaciously to most building materials and framing members.

Exxon Panah ( SROC ) spray foam products provide a continuous, protective air barrier that helps to minimize air leakage and intrusion, and provides exceptional performance in the reduction of heat transfer.




SROC is an open-cell spray foam insulation technology that is installed in attics, crawl spaces, and interior spaces with no ignition barrier required. It’s high yield, low density, low VOC properties make it a contractor’s first choice.

Additional benefits of SROC include noise attenuation and significant reduction in unmanaged moisture. Additionally, the product’s ability to tightly seal the envelope reduces temperature fluctuations and the presence of hot and cold pockets inside, greatly enhancing indoor comfort and providing energy savings.


SROC is well suited for new construction and retrofit applications in both residential and commercial buildings. SROC provides added value over traditional insulation, acting as an air, moisture, and thermal barrier, and the product’s excellent adhesion ensures that the insulation remains in place

Recommended Product Applications

• Walls
• Floors
• Ceilings
• Attics
• Crawl Spaces
• Vaulted or Cathedral Ceilings

SROC function based ASTM E96

 USA Specifications

Flame   Spread                            <20

Smoke Development                 <400

Fuel Contribution                            0

Oxygen Index ASTM D2863         23%

SROC function based ASTM C518

t=25mm          R(Si)=0.62m2   C/W

t=50mm          R(Si)=1.24m2   C/W

t=75mm          R(Si)=1.86m2   C/W

t=100mm          R(Si)=2.48m2   C/W



• Improving energy efficiency
• Reduce the risk of condensation
• Proven durability
• Maintaining consistent temperatures
• Minimizing unwanted exterior noise
• Excellent adhesion and cohesion
• 2 hour re-entry and 8 hour re-occupancy
• No additional ignition barrier required
• New construction and retrofit applications

SROC Project Exxon panah


  • Thermal conductivity λ(lambda)  W / m . K = 0.023–0.026(18)
  • Thermal resistance at 100mm K⋅m2/W = 4.50
  • Specific Heat Capacity J / (kg . K) = n/a
  • Densitykg / m3 = 30 – 40
  • Thermal diffusivity m2/s = n/a
  • Embodied energy MJ/kg = 101 (17)
  • Vapour permeable No
  • SROC Catalogue – 1.52MB