Exxon Seal Bitmen

Exoon Seal bitumen emulsion is a single-pack, non-fibrated and stable water-borne emulsion which dures to form a firm and flexible bitumen waterproofing membrane. Exoon Seal is designed for use on horizontal and vertical surface. Exoon Seal is suitable for use as waterproof membrane on concrete, cement, roofing felt, mastic asphalt, slates, tiles and metal surfaces.






Flat Roofs


Easy to apply by brush, trowel and spray.

Forms a seamless and lap free membrane over the substrate.

Water-based and non-toxic.

Cures to form a felxible resilient waterproofing barrier over a wide range of temperatures.

No flow or sagging of the film at elevated temperatures even on vertical surfaces.

Excellent adhision to the concrete substrate prevents lateral migration of water underneath.

Can be applied to damp surface without standing water such as green concrete surface.


Coverage rates will vary depending on the actual surface environment and application. The typical coverage is about 1.5 ltr/m² for a 2 coates application.


Typical applications will include concrete roofs, asbestos cement roof, exposed metal roofs, rejuvenation of asphalt roof, retaining walls, external concrete walls, bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and planter boxes. Also suitable for use as a non-toxic lining to water tanks.

Provides a vapour barrier for cold storage rooms, mushroom houses and similar installations. Suitable for application in food stores.

Concrete Protection
To protect concrete from carbonation, spalling and sulphate attack.

Metal Protection
As a protective coating against corrosion of pipes, structural steelworks and other metallic equipment.

Timber End Protection
To seal the freshly cut timber surface to prevent excessive loss of water through the tree wounds.


Surface Preparation
Surfaces shall be fry, clean and free from dust, dirt, oil, grease, mass and loose material.

Membrane Application

Stir the emulsion well before use. Exoseal may be applied by roller, brush or spray for a minimum of 2 coats. Allow to dry between coats and apply each at right angles to the previous coat. Exoseal normally cures within 24 hours of applications. For maximum durability, the coating can be reinforced with Exoseal Mat open woven glass fabric or equivalent. Protect from rain and frost until cured.
For exposed surface subjected to direct sunlight, apply 2 coates of Exoseal Aluminium on the cured membrane.

Flammability: Non-flammable
Skin Contact: Occasional contact is unlikely to have any adverse effect except on particularly sensitive skin.
Eye Contact: Unlikely to couse damage, no special precautions are necessary. In the event of accidental contact, irrigate immediately with plenty of water.

Clean immediatly after use with water. Use kerosene or white spirit if the material has dried. During work, place tools in water when not in use.


Results from "Institute of Paint and Resin - Iran"

Exxon Seal ES 82

The ES82 features in many ways, like the ES80 bitumen. This product has excellent elasticity due to its silica content, but its reactionary properties are limited. Due to the concentration of materials for implementation, the brush and roll method can be used.


  • Water basement without the need for any solvent and environmentally friendly
  • No need for heating
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Very flexible
  • Fireproof
  • Integrated and seamless
  • High temperature resistant without sunglasses


  • Suitable for insulation with building
  • Pool insulation and concrete tanks
  • On metal surfaces like reservoir structures

Exxon Seal ES 120

This product is composed of 60/70 bitumen with other grades of bitumen, special solvents and polymer, and is cold-run. The ES.120 can be used with an airless spray or other methods such as brushes and rollers to run.


  • SProper coating with less substance use
  • Extremely adhesive to all surfaces
  • High drying speed (depending on ambient temperature from 3 to 6 hours)
  • The price is right
  • Cool run and no heat requirement
  • Integrated and seamless
  • Extremely elastic
  • High performance speed
  • Resists against


  • Sealing of fondation surfaces
  • Isolation of water, oil and gas pipes
  • All metal surfaces to prevent rust and protect against chemical agents
  • As a coating agent for services and pools

Exxon Seal ES 440

ES 440 is a hot polymeric Bitumen. This type of bitumen is used for roof sealing, services and pool (instead of tradetional bitumen). The ES 440 at temperatures around 150 ° C is spread by means of a tool easily at the work surface. Polymerization within the bitumen results in an extraordinary sealing and adhesion prevent cracking and long-term fracturing of the concrete.

Storage conditions ES 440 :

  • 24 months in the original package

Coverage ES 440 :

  • On smooth surfaces an average of 1.5kg / m2 to 2.5kg / m2


  • Horizontal and flat surfaces can be used everywhere where the bitumen is traditionally used.

Exxon Seal ES 30

The ES 30 is a two-component polyurethane resin that is used to waterproof and protect surfaces, which is an extraordinary alternative to the rubble. The combination of component A and B forms a highly resistant adhesive elastomeric layer to various surfaces. The final layer has properties of high mechanical and chemical strength. The product is applied by brushing, rolling or spraying using an Airless device in a single layer or in two layers with minimum consumption. This product can be run in a thick, non-bubble coating, and only after a 30 minute test.


  • Excellent adhesion (almost all surfaces)
  • Resistance to cold and heat (10 to 80 degrees Celsius)
  • Excellent mechanical and tensile strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to rupture
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Resistant to root plants
  • Seamless and seamlessThe speed of super performance
  • Ability to choose colors
  • Excellent water sealer


Roofing under the mortar and the floor of the stone
Inside water tankers
Basement walls
Services insulation and balconies
On the walls of gypsum and cement
On polyurethane foam insulation

Exxon Seal ES 33

ES 33 is an ultra-high-performance filler based on polyurethane and liquid materials. Cold-run, single-component, high-performance elastomeric material is excellent. This product, in the presence of moisture, creates a chemical reaction and hardens.


  • Simple implementation in roll, brush and spray methods
  • Form a seamless layer after the run
  • Excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces
  • Superior sanitizer with high elasticity
  • Dew resistant
  • Excellent Crack-bridge property
  • Excellent thermal resistance
  • Stability at + 15 ° C to + 90 ° C
  • Chemical resistant (Acid and open)
  • Ability to run on vertical and slick surfaces or bubble formation
  • Ability to choose colors


Anti-watering and protection for gypsum and cement walls
On asphalt and staining
On concrete and concrete surfaces
On the roof and the building
On the ceiling of metal-metal roofing
On the lower floors of buildings such as: Parking


Exoseal            4, 9,  18 & 200 litre

Exoseal Prime                     18 litre

Exoseal Aluminium            18 litre

Exxon Seal (Emulsion Bitumen) Project Exxon panah


  • Exxon Seal Catalogue –5.00 MB
  • The result of the test is the determination of the residual evaporation – 133KB
  • The result of the test is the lamination of building materials – 136KB
  • The result of the negative pressure reaction test – 140KB
  • The result of the test determines the depth of water permeability – 139KB
  • The test result of bitumen in the vicinity of drinking water – 99KB
  • The result of the bitumen tensile test ES80 – 85KB
  • The result of the bitumen tensile test ES80 – 68KB
  • The result of the bitumen tensile test ES80 – 79KB